Choosing the right solution provider can definitely be a challenge, and all of the great choices out there don’t make the job any easier. Depending on what you think your ecommerce needs, how many products you sell and how much traffic you expect to have, there will be a right and wrong choice, but the main thing is that you do the right research. To help you narrow things down a bit, we have put together a list of a few solutions and one of them may just be the right one for you.


Originally launched in 2004, this provider is now the right solution for over a million ecommerce stores worldwide, which on its own is enough to attest to the quality of Squarespace. This is a very visual platform and it is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to let the products speak for themselves by using great product images. No matter which plan you go for, whether it is the Basic or the Advanced, you get unlimited products on both of them, as well as unlimited pages and galleries as well as blogs that come with unlimited storage, contributors and bandwidth.


This solution is known as the second most used online shopping cart and is popular in all ranges. Apart from being in the top 5 providers, Volusion is also the cheapest of them with a starter plan for only $15 a month which is perfect to start off with, and when you are ready you can upgrade to the Pro plan that will give you some extra professional features for $75 a month. You also get the benefit of a built-in deal of the day option, a quick and easy eBay and Amazon integration for your ecommerce solution as well as a very useful built-in loyalty program.


Even though Wix is a free website builder in its core, something that a lot of people don’t know is that it also offers some incredible ecommerce features in its premium packages which make it a great solution provider. Even though they don’t have any special features that could take your ecommerce store on another level, what could to that is the visual design interface which allows you to completely customize your site. With the benefit of having a visual editor, you also get live examples and template references that come with it. The platform has a low price and is very easy to set up and it comes with a monthly fee, but you’re best off paying $120 that will cover you for a whole year.

As we said, knowing what your needs are and what you expectations for your business are is very important when it comes to choosing the right solution provider because it can be the thing that makes or breaks your e-commerce website. Hopefully, these platforms have the right features for you and, who knows, after a bit of research it may turn out that one of them is the perfect one for you.