To most people out there, most platforms look pretty much the same since most of the basic features are the same in each one. However, they all differ in one way or another and that is no different with Magento Go. This is a hosted version of the very popular Magento ecommerce software and is hosted by the people behind Magento themselves. And if you are thinking that they are only offering a hosted version of their free community edition, then we are here to tell you that they have actually added some very useful features that pretty much justify the price. But since nothing is perfect, in this article we will show you some pros and cons to help you see for yourself if you feel that the price is justified.

Con: The feature set it comes with

We’ll start this off with what we consider to be a big con, especially if you are someone that is not very tech-savvy. To put it very straight-forward- Magento really isn’t the easiest e-commerce store to set up and if you are someone that is not comfortable with technology, then you will most likely be very overwhelmed since you’ll really have to take a steep learning curve before you are actually able to use all of its features.

Pro: The Feature set it comes with

Confused? Don’t be. While the setting up of the features is a difficult thing, the fact that all of them are available on every plan that the platform comes in is a very good thing. This means that even if you don’t have the money to go for the most expensive plan, you will still get all of the features in the basic plan. Some of these features include gift cards, related products, coupons, wish lists, just to name a few.

Con: Limited themes and plugins

Unlike with the self-hosted version, when it comes to the hosted Magento Go you will only have the ability to choose between themes and plugins witch are provided for the platform itself and you can’t use Magento’s full range of themes and plugins. This is really bad especially when it comes to the themes because this means that you get a very limited amount of them for your ecommerce solution, even more limited when it comes to the free themes you will have access to.

Pro: You get speed

Since the people at Magento are the ones that developed and are running Magento go, a great perk of that is that they know what they are doing when it comes to hosting the platform. This will assure you that you will be able to create an ecommerce in no time without the need to use any plugins or modifications, which does simplify things slightly.

Do you think that the pros outweigh the cons? If you do, then you should definitely put Magento Go on your shortlist because we are very confident that this platform will help you create a great ecommerce platform that will be built for success.