There is no doubt that the design of a website can be the make or break component which will decide whether customers will be interested in what your ecommerce has to offer or not. And while many people think that designing an ecommerce is as simple as designing a blog, which is simply not true because while pictures are definitely helpful, they are not what makes a website an e commerce. To help you see which path you need to take, take a look at the list we have put together for you bellow.

Press –

is a very unique e-commerce site since it deals with items such as out of print books, first edition books and art, craft, counterculture books, design, books published by small, independent presses and very unique stationary products that they have acquired from all over the world. These items, as you can see, are not particularly easy to sell which is why they had to be very creative when it came to the design of their website and they decided to go with a very straight forward design that includes tons of photographs of the actual products since all of them are unique enough to speak for themselves through those pictures.

360 Fly Cameras –

are the latest rage on the market since more and more creators such as YouTubers and film makers are deciding to incorporate the 360 filming technology into their pieces. The designer of this website have made sure to use the importance of good visuals such as images and product videos in order to grasp the customer’s attention. This, combined with pressing product points throughout the ecommerce website and some easy-to-understand descriptions, are the perfect pairing. Something else that is very good to incorporate in ecommerce sites that sell a product like a camera is to include a page where your customers can get the full technical specs of the product so that they can fully understand the product.

W+K Studio Goodness –

is an e-commerce that offers customer wearable items such as shirt as well as some paper goods in the form of greeting cards, gift cards and more with a very unique twist to them. When the customers go on their website they have the option to select individual products and look at their images up-close and if they decide right there on the spot that that card or shirt is just what they need, the design lets them go straight to the checkout menu right from the product page by using the “quick shopping” option. The best part is that they have managed to do all of this and still have the site look very minimal and modern.

As you can see, these companies have managed to put all of the necessary elements that an ecommerce store requires and still have their websites look stunning and modern, and whether they have decided to do that in a simplistic or a more complex way, the important thing is that they have managed to make their sites look and feel like stores which is what ecommerce website is all about. Now it’s your turn to take inspiration from these examples and start designing.